Under 11’s Results

Under 11s
11 February 2018
Winter Trophy
Group Blue
Lane Head Wanderers80Wednesbury Sports Union
Tipton TownBrownhills Community ColtsPostponed due to weather
Group Green
Brewood Junior80Holy Name Celts
Walsall Phoenix Condors21Great Barr Harriers
Wednesfield FC102Pelsall Villa Colts United
Group Orange
Hawkins Sports Eagles22Walsall Wood Raiders
Holy Name Manor23Walsall Wood Wasps
Lodge Farm Tigers50AFC Willenhall
Group Pink
Diamond Academy50Bushbury Tigers
Four Oaks Lions04Wyrley Juniors Panthers
Group Purple
Colron Lions60Tantany Lions
Walsall Wood Colliers40Rising Stars
Group Red
Colron Tigers130Wyrley Juniors Wanderers
Tipton Youth11New Park Village Football Academy
Ashmore Park RangersTipton Youth LionsNon-competitive – result not published
BeechdaleWednesfield WanderersNon-competitive – result not published
Cresswell Wanderers LionsWednesfield Cubs SouthNon-competitive – result not published
Mahal FCWyrley Juniors WolvesNon-competitive – result not published
Norton CanesBloxwich RangersNon-competitive – result not published
Pelsall Villa Colts LionsWyrley Juniors VipersNon-competitive – result not published
Wednesbury Sports Union CobrasFC NewlandsNon-competitive – result not published
04 February 2018
Winter Trophy
Group Blue
Bentley Community LionsTipton TownPostponed due to weather
Tipton Youth LionsFC PremierPostponed due to weather
Wednesbury Sports UnionBrownhills Community ColtsPostponed due to weather
Group Green
Brewood Junior22Walsall Phoenix Condors
Holy Name Celts14Wednesfield FC
Pelsall Villa Colts UnitedWyrley Juniors WolvesPostponed due to weather
Group Orange
AFC WillenhallWalsall Wood WaspsPostponed due to weather
Cresswell Wanderers LionsLodge Farm TigersPostponed due to weather
Walsall Wood RaidersHoly Name ManorInsufficient players
Group Pink
Bentley Community PanthersWyrley Juniors PanthersPostponed due to weather
Bushbury Tigers41Pelsall Villa Colts Lions
Wednesfield WanderersDiamond AcademyPostponed due to weather
Group Purple
Norton Canes43Walsall Wood Colliers
Rising StarsWednesfield Cubs SouthPostponed due to weather
Tantany Lions02FC Newlands
Group Red
Mahal FCTipton YouthPostponed due to weather
Wyrley Juniors WanderersNew Park Village Football AcademyPostponed due to weather
Group White
Walsall Phoenix Harriers22Beechdale
Wednesbury Sports Union CobrasBloxwich RangersPostponed due to weather
Wyrley Juniors VipersAshmore Park RangersPostponed due to weather
28 January 2018
Winter Trophy
Group Blue
Brownhills Community ColtsTipton Youth LionsPostponed due to weather
FC Premier91Wednesbury Sports Union
Lane Head Wanderers24Bentley Community Lions
Group Green
Great Barr Harriers21Wednesfield FC
Holy Name Celts05Wyrley Juniors Wolves
Pelsall Villa Colts UnitedBrewood JuniorPostponed due to weather
Group Orange
Cresswell Wanderers Lions30Walsall Wood Raiders
Hawkins Sports Eagles110Walsall Wood Wasps
Holy Name Manor34AFC Willenhall
Group Pink
Bushbury Tigers01Wednesfield Wanderers
Diamond Academy14Wyrley Juniors Panthers
Four Oaks LionsBentley Community PanthersPostponed due to weather
Group Purple
FC Newlands112Walsall Wood Colliers
Norton CanesWednesfield Cubs SouthPostponed due to weather
Rising Stars31Colron Lions
Group Red
Four Oaks PhoenixTipton YouthPostponed due to weather
Mahal FC101Wyrley Juniors Wanderers
New Park Village Football Academy05Colron Tigers
Group White
Ashmore Park Rangers91Beechdale
Walsall Phoenix Harriers51Wyrley Juniors Vipers
Tantany LionsBloxwich RangersNon-competitive – result not published
Tipton TownPelsall Villa ColtsNon-competitive – result not published
Walsall Phoenix CondorsLodge Farm TigersNon-competitive – result not published