Under 7’s Results

Trophy Winners in bold
Age/DivKick OffPitchHomeFixtureAway
The Judy White Shield
8:45 AMUnder 9’s Plate1Mahal FC Raptors1V1Old Wulfs SouthOld Wuls win on pens
8:45 AMUnder 9’s Plate2Bloxwich Rgrs Lions3V4Pelsall Villa Colts Red
9:30 AMUnder 9’s Plate3Mahal FC Raptors3F1Bloxwich Rgrs Lions
9:30 AMUnder 9’s Plate4Old Wulfs South4V3Pelsall Villa Colts Red
The Dave Haywood Memorial Shield
8:45 AMUnder 9’s Cup3West Brom AllStars2V1Wednesfield FC
8:45 AMUnder 9’s Cup4Tipton Town Colts3V1Tipton Town
9:30 AMUnder 9’s Cup2Tipton Town0F1Wednesfield FC
9:30 AMUnder 9’s Cup1West Brom AllStars6V1Tipton Town Colts
The Chairmans Shield
10:15 AMUnder 7’s Plate1Lane Head FC1V6Pelsall Villa Clts Red
10:15 AMUnder 7’s Plate2Sporting Khalsa0V1Sutton Utd Pumas
10:45 AMUnder 7’s Plate3Lane Head FC1F4Sporting Khalsa
10:45 AMUnder 7’s Plate4Pelsall Villa Clts Red1V7Sutton Utd Pumas
The Paul Chamberlain Shield
10:15 AMUnder 7’s Cup3FC Newlands4V2West Brom All Stars
10:15 AMUnder 7’s Cup4Lane Head Allstars2V1Walsall Wd Flames
10:45 AMUnder 7’s Cup2Walsall Wd Flames4F5West Brom All Stars
10:45 AMUnder 7’s Cup1FC Newlands1V0Lane Head Allstars
The Nigel Jinmen Shield
11:30 AMUnder 8’s Plate1Colron Boys3V2Lane Head Knights
11:30 AMUnder 8’s Plate2Brewood Jnr. Cubs3V3Old Wulfs CentralOld Wulf win on pens
12:00 PMUnder 8’s Plate3Brewood Jnr. Cubs1F5Lane Head Knights
12:00 PMUnder 8’s Plate4Colron Boys7V1Old Wulfs Central
The Singh Challenge Shield
11:30 AMUnder 8’s Cup3Tipton Youth3V2Bloxwich Rangers
11:30 AMUnder 8’s Cup4West Brom All Stars6V0Brewood Jnr Lions
12:00 PMUnder 8’s Cup2Bloxwich Rangers5F0Brewood Jnr Lions
12:00 PMUnder 8’s Cup1Tipton Youth2V4West Brom All Stars
The League Shield
12:30 PMUnder 10’s Vase1Wyrley Jnrs Red Devils2V1Silverdale Lions
12:30 PMUnder 10’s Vase2Beacon Lions FC0V5Cresswll Wdrs Allstars
1:15 AMUnder 10’s Vase3Beacon Lions FC1F2Silverdale Lions
1:15 AMUnder 10’s Vase4Wyrley Jnrs Red Devils1V2Cresswll Wdrs Allstars
The John Coleman Shield
12:30 PMUnder 10’s Plate3Brewood Juniors2V0Wednesfield Wolves
12:30 PMUnder 10’s Plate4Four Oaks Tornadoes1V4Sutton Utd Pumas
1:15 AMUnder 10’s Plate2Four Oaks Tornadoes2F0Wednesfield Wolves
1:15 AMUnder 10’s Plate1Brewood Juniors1V4Sutton Utd Pumas
The Charlie Rushton Memorial Shield
2:00 AMUnder 10’s Cup1Wyrley Jnrs Pumas1V2Walsall Phnx Panthers
2:00 AMUnder 10’s Cup2Colron Boys2V2Wednesfield AcesColron won on pens
2:45 AMUnder 10’s Cup2Wyrley Jnrs Pumas3F1Wednesfield Aces
2:45 AMUnder 10’s Cup1Colron Boys3V3Walsall Phnx PanthersPhoenix won on pens