Under 9’s Fixtures


Semi Finals 29 October 2017
Under 9’s
East League
West Brom AllStarsVWednesfield FC
Silverdale AthleticVSutton Utd Panthers
North League
Lichfield City LionsVBrownhills Com Colts
Tipton Town ColtsVBustleholme Sparks
South League
Four Oaks MavericksVSmethwick FC
Wyrley Jnrs TigersVHoly Name


Update 11 October -Fixtures for the knockout stages of:

  • Under10’s Premier
  • Under10’s Major
  • Under 10’s Serie
  • Under 9’s North
9 North Trophy Event
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9North 19:00 AM1Lichfield City LionsVCresswell Lions
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9North 29:00 AM2Brewood Jnrs ColtsVFour Oaks Rams
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthQF19:40 AM1Pelsall Villa Colts RedVWinner of 9North 1
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthQF29:40 AM2Winner of 9North 2VBrownhills Com Colts
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.Friendly10:20 AM1Loser of 9North 2F1st in North B
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.Friendly10:20 AM2Pelsall Villa Colts RedFLoser of 9North 1
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.Friendly11:00 AM1Cresswell WndrersFNew Park Village
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.Friendly11:00 AM2Bustleholme SparksFTipton Town Colts
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthQF311:40 AM1Cresswell WndrersVTipton Town Colts
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthQF411:40 AM2Bustleholme SparksVNew Park Village


Updated 28 September:

The following divisions groups have been changed:

  • Under 9’s Groups North A & B – correct teams now entered in the fixtures
  • Under 8’s Groups 8G, 8H, 8I & 8L – New team added & changes of teams in divisions
  • Under 9’s West – One team has withdrawn from the league
Under 9’s East AUnder 9’s North AUnder 9’s South AUnder 9’s West
Tipton TownBrewood Jnrs ColtsBushbury TigersFC Premier Colts
West Brom AllStarsPelsall Villa Colts RedFC NewlandsWalsall Wd Strykers
Phoenix UnitedCresswell WndrersNorton CanesSneyd All Stars
Walsall Wd SaintsLichfield City LionsWalsall Phnx FlamesPlsall Villa Clts Blck
Sutton United PumasBustleholme SparksOld Wulfs SouthWalsall Phx Dragons
Silverdale AthleticUnder 9’s North BHoly NameWyrley Jnrs Lions
Great Barr HarriersNew Park VillageUnder 9’s South BWolverhampton Sp.
Under 9’s East BBrownhills Com ColtsSilverdale WarriorsWednesbury Sp.Union
Lane Head MagpiesTipton Town ColtsSporting Khalsa
Sutton Utd PanthersFour Oaks RamsWyrley Jnrs Tigers
Wednesfield FCCresswell LionsBloxwich Rgrs Lions
Walsall Wd Warriors Four Oaks Mavericks
Wyrley Jnrs WanderersRising Stars FC
FC PremierUnder 9’s South C
Brewood JuniorsWyrley Jnrs Warriors
Mahal FC Raptors
FC Premier Eagles
Walsall Wood Allstars
Lane Head Steelers
Smethwick FC

Under 9’s West is a straight League
East groups are made up of 2 Groups of 7 Top 2 qualify for Semi Finals to be played on 30th Oct.
North Groups A&B will play a two week round robin. All teams will progress to the 2nd round or
quarter finals to be played on the 15th Oct. Semi Finals & Finals will be played on the 30th Oct.
South A, B, C is a mini round robin. The top team from each group plus the best 2nd place team to Semi Finals & Finals on 30th Oct.

Date VenueGroupKick OffPitchFixture
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:00 AM1Tipton TownVWest Brom AllStars
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:00 AM2Phoenix UnitedVWalsall Wd Saints
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:40 AM1West Brom AllStarsVPhoenix United
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:40 AM2Walsall Wd SaintsVSutton United Pumas
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA10:20 AM1Sutton United PumasVSilverdale Athletic
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA10:20 AM2Tipton TownVGreat Barr Harriers
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA11:00 AM1Silverdale AthleticVGreat Barr Harriers
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:00 AM3FC PremierVBrewood Juniors
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:00 AM4Walsall Wd WarriorsVWyrley Jnrs Wanderers
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:40 AM3Wednesfield FCVWalsall Wd Warriors
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:40 AM4Wyrley Jnrs WanderersVFC Premier
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB10:20 AM3Lane Head MagpiesVBrewood Juniors
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB10:20 AM4Sutton Utd PanthersVWednesfield FC
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB11:00 AM3Lane Head MagpiesVSutton Utd Panthers
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:00 AM1Phoenix UnitedVSutton United Pumas
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:00 AM2Tipton TownVSilverdale Athletic
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:40 AM1Tipton TownVPhoenix United
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:40 AM2Sutton United PumasVGreat Barr Harriers
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA10:20 AM1Walsall Wd SaintsVSilverdale Athletic
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA10:20 AM2West Brom AllStarsVGreat Barr Harriers
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA11:00 AM1West Brom AllStarsVWalsall Wd Saints
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:00 AM3Lane Head MagpiesVFC Premier
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:00 AM4Sutton Utd PanthersVWalsall Wd Warriors
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:40 AM3Walsall Wd WarriorsVFC Premier
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:40 AM4Sutton Utd PanthersVBrewood Juniors
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB10:20 AM3Lane Head MagpiesVWednesfield FC
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB10:20 AM4Wyrley Jnrs WanderersVBrewood Juniors
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB11:00 AM3Wednesfield FCVWyrley Jnrs Wanderers
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:00 AM1West Brom AllStarsVSilverdale Athletic
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:00 AM2Phoenix UnitedVGreat Barr Harriers
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:40 AM1Walsall Wd SaintsVGreat Barr Harriers
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA9:40 AM2Phoenix UnitedVSilverdale Athletic
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA10:20 AM1West Brom AllStarsVSutton United Pumas
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA10:20 AM2Tipton TownVWalsall Wd Saints
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastA11:00 AM1Tipton TownVSutton United Pumas
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:00 AM3Wednesfield FCVBrewood Juniors
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:00 AM4Lane Head MagpiesVWalsall Wd Warriors
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:40 AM3Lane Head MagpiesVWyrley Jnrs Wanderers
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB9:40 AM4Walsall Wd WarriorsVBrewood Juniors
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB10:20 AM3Sutton Utd PanthersVWyrley Jnrs Wanderers
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB10:20 AM4Wednesfield FCVFC Premier
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9EastB11:00 AM3Sutton Utd PanthersVFC Premier
01/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthA9:00 AM1Brewood Jnrs ColtsVPelsall Villa Colts Red
01/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthA9:00 AM2Cresswell WndrersVLichfield City Lions
01/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthA9:40 AM1Lichfield City LionsVBustleholme Sparks
01/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthA9:40 AM2Pelsall Villa Colts RedVCresswell Wndrers
01/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthA10:20 AM1Brewood Jnrs ColtsVBustleholme Sparks
08/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthA9:00 AM1Pelsall Villa Colts RedVBustleholme Sparks
08/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthA9:00 AM2Brewood Jnrs ColtsVLichfield City Lions
08/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthA9:40 AM1Brewood Jnrs ColtsVCresswell Wndrers
08/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthA9:40 AM2Pelsall Villa Colts RedVLichfield City Lions
08/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthA10:20 AM1Cresswell WndrersVBustleholme Sparks
01/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthB10:20 AM2Cresswell LionsVFour Oaks Rams
01/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthB11:00 AM1Tipton Town ColtsVFour Oaks Rams
01/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthB11:00 AM2New Park VillageVBrownhills Com Colts
01/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthB11:40 AM1Cresswell LionsVNew Park Village
01/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthB11:40 AM2Brownhills Com ColtsVTipton Town Colts
08/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthB10:20 AM2Brownhills Com ColtsVFour Oaks Rams
08/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthB11:00 AM1Cresswell LionsVBrownhills Com Colts
08/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthB11:00 AM2New Park VillageVTipton Town Colts
08/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthB11:40 AM1New Park VillageVFour Oaks Rams
08/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthB11:40 AM2Cresswell LionsVTipton Town Colts
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9North 19:00 AM14th in North AV5th in North B
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9North 29:00 AM25th in North AV4th in North B
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthQF19:40 AM11st in North AVWinner of 9North 1
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthQF29:40 AM2Winner of 9North 2V1st in North B
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.Friendly10:20 AM1Loser of 9North 2F1st in North B
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.Friendly10:20 AM21st in North AFLoser of 9North 1
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.Friendly11:00 AM12nd in North AF2nd in North B
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.Friendly11:00 AM23rd in North AF3rd in North B
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthQF311:40 AM12nd in North AV3rd in North B
15/10/2017Shelfield Sp.Ac.9NorthQF411:40 AM23rd in North AV2nd in North B
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:00 AM1Bushbury TigersFHoly Name
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:00 AM2Norton CanesVWalsall Phnx Flames
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:40 AM1FC NewlandsVNorton Canes
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:40 AM2Old Wulfs SouthVHoly Name
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA10:20 AM1Walsall Phnx FlamesVOld Wulfs South
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA10:20 AM2Bushbury TigersVFC Newlands
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:00 AM1Old Wulfs SouthFFC Newlands
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:00 AM2Bushbury TigersVNorton Canes
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:40 AM1Bushbury TigersVHoly Name
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:40 AM2FC NewlandsVWalsall Phnx Flames
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA10:20 AM1Norton CanesVOld Wulfs South
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA10:20 AM2Walsall Phnx FlamesVHoly Name
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:00 AM1FC NewlandsVOld Wulfs South
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:00 AM2Norton CanesVHoly Name
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:40 AM1Norton CanesFWalsall Phnx Flames
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA9:40 AM2Bushbury TigersVOld Wulfs South
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA10:20 AM1FC NewlandsVHoly Name
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthA10:20 AM2Bushbury TigersVWalsall Phnx Flames
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:00 AM3Silverdale WarriorsFRising Stars FC
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:00 AM4Wyrley Jnrs TigersVBloxwich Rgrs Lions
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:40 AM3Sporting KhalsaVWyrley Jnrs Tigers
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:40 AM4Four Oaks MavericksVRising Stars FC
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB10:20 AM3Bloxwich Rgrs LionsVFour Oaks Mavericks
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB10:20 AM4Silverdale WarriorsVSporting Khalsa
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:00 AM3Four Oaks MavericksFSporting Khalsa
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:00 AM4Silverdale WarriorsVWyrley Jnrs Tigers
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:40 AM3Silverdale WarriorsVRising Stars FC
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:40 AM4Sporting KhalsaVBloxwich Rgrs Lions
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB10:20 AM3Bloxwich Rgrs LionsVRising Stars FC
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB10:20 AM4Wyrley Jnrs TigersVFour Oaks Mavericks
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:00 AM3Sporting KhalsaVFour Oaks Mavericks
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:00 AM4Wyrley Jnrs TigersVRising Stars FC
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:40 AM3Wyrley Jnrs TigersFBloxwich Rgrs Lions
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB9:40 AM4Silverdale WarriorsVFour Oaks Mavericks
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB10:20 AM3Silverdale WarriorsVBloxwich Rgrs Lions
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthB10:20 AM4Sporting KhalsaVRising Stars FC
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:00 AM1Wyrley Jnrs WarriorsFSmethwick FC
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:00 AM2Walsall Wood AllstarsVLane Head Steelers
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:00 AM3Mahal FC RaptorsVFC Premier Eagles
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:40 AM1Lane Head SteelersVSmethwick FC
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:40 AM2FC Premier EaglesVWalsall Wood Allstars
01/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:40 AM3Wyrley Jnrs WarriorsVMahal FC Raptors
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:00 AM1Lane Head SteelersFMahal FC Raptors
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:00 AM2Wyrley Jnrs WarriorsVFC Premier Eagles
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:00 AM3Walsall Wood AllstarsVSmethwick FC
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:40 AM1Wyrley Jnrs WarriorsVSmethwick FC
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:40 AM2Mahal FC RaptorsVWalsall Wood Allstars
08/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:40 AM3FC Premier EaglesVLane Head Steelers
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:00 AM1Mahal FC RaptorsVLane Head Steelers
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:00 AM2FC Premier EaglesVSmethwick FC
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:00 AM3Wyrley Jnrs WarriorsVWalsall Wood Allstars
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:40 AM1FC Premier EaglesFWalsall Wood Allstars
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:40 AM2Wyrley Jnrs WarriorsVLane Head Steelers
15/10/2017Silverdale FC9SouthC11:40 AM3Mahal FC RaptorsVSmethwick FC
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:00 AM2Walsall Phx DragonsVWednesbury Sp.Union
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:00 AM4Walsall Wd StrykersVWolverhampton Sp.
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM1Sneyd All StarsVWednesbury Sp.Union
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM2Walsall Wd StrykersVWalsall Phx Dragons
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM3Plsall Villa Clts BlckVWolverhampton Sp.
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM4FC Premier ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Lions
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West12:20 PM1FC Premier ColtsVPlsall Villa Clts Blck
01/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West12:20 PM2Sneyd All StarsVWyrley Jnrs Lions
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:00 AM2Wyrley Jnrs LionsVWolverhampton Sp.
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:00 AM4FC Premier ColtsVWednesbury Sp.Union
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM1FC Premier ColtsVWalsall Phx Dragons
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM2Plsall Villa Clts BlckVWednesbury Sp.Union
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM3Sneyd All StarsVWolverhampton Sp.
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM4Walsall Wd StrykersVWyrley Jnrs Lions
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West12:20 PM1Walsall Wd StrykersVSneyd All Stars
08/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West12:20 PM2Plsall Villa Clts BlckVWalsall Phx Dragons
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:00 AM2FC Premier ColtsVSneyd All Stars
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:00 AM4Walsall Wd StrykersVPlsall Villa Clts Blck
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM1Sneyd All StarsVWalsall Phx Dragons
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM2Plsall Villa Clts BlckVWyrley Jnrs Lions
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM3FC Premier ColtsVWolverhampton Sp.
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM4Walsall Wd StrykersVWednesbury Sp.Union
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West12:20 PM1Wyrley Jnrs LionsVWednesbury Sp.Union
15/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West12:20 PM2Walsall Phx DragonsVWolverhampton Sp.
29/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:00 AM2Wednesbury Sp.UnionFFC Premier Colts
29/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:00 AM4Walsall Phx DragonsFPlsall Villa Clts Blck
29/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM1FC Premier ColtsVWalsall Wd Strykers
29/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM2Walsall Phx DragonsVWyrley Jnrs Lions
29/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM3Sneyd All StarsVPlsall Villa Clts Blck
29/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West11:40 AM4Wolverhampton Sp.VWednesbury Sp.Union
29/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West12:20 PM1Wolverhampton Sp.FWyrley Jnrs Lions
29/10/2017Pelsall EDC9West12:20 PM2Sneyd All StarsFWalsall Wd Strykers